" Our home is a place where we spend many hours of our life, a castle, which protect us from those who are not welcomed and is opened to our friends..."

I will transform your home into a unique retreat of harmony, luxury and elegance. I will mix periods and styles to arrive at the result that is normally achieved only by the natural passing of time over many generations. I will apply classical, renaissance or baroque elements to create a space of timeless and immortal beauty. The kind of beauty we seek when we go to Rome, Florence, Venice or Pompeii.

Ceilings, Plaster work, Murals, Design, Fine art, Ornamental work

Also published in "New Jersey Home & Design" magazine (January/February 2008 issue)

I'm located in Martinsville NJ close to Princeton, Montgomery, Bridgewater, Hillsborough, Edison and serving all counties in NJ (also can work in NY, PA, DE, DC, CT)


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